Unify your chatbot processes to be universal​

Crowlingo provides NLP services that help companies create or upgrade chatbot to handle 100+ languages automatically​.

Upgrade your chatbot

Starting from one language, your Chatbot will learn to manage all the others​.


Universal Chatbot

Unify your chatbot processes to be universal​.

Starting from one already existing model, upgrade your solution to handle other languages.

Understand the intentions behind user's queries​​.

In-depth analysis of semantics and syntax

Accurate matching of your entities by handling automatically every variations and translations​.​

Automatically find the most relevant parts of user's question​.

Link the right action or variable to the right query​.​


Multilingual Chatbot

Create or upgrade your chatbot to handle 100+ languages automatically​.​

No need to build one bot per language​ as processes are unified and multilingual.​

Built for developers by developers

PyCrowlingo provide packages to easily integrate on RASA. With our documentation and SDKs, you’ll be up and running with our API in minutes.


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