NLP to Automate Customer Support

Crowlingo helps customers automate their helpdesk by automatically routing tickets and provide best answer to each incident.

Upgrade your help desk

Solve customer problems and provide guidance on how to use your products or services.


Tickets Routing

Automatically gather tickets according to their topics and similarities.

Link an incident to its solution instantly.

Unify your helpdesk processes with one universal solution that handles 100+ languages.

Tagging Automation

No more keywords! Extract multilingual concepts and handle alternative spellings.​

Automatically add tags based on concepts extracted from ticket descriptions.​

Search for tickets by concepts and upgrade your system with a polyglot search engine.​


Multilingual Chatbot

Create or upgrade your chatbot to handle 100+ languages automatically​.​

Unify your chatbot processes to be universal​ and upgrade your FAQ system.​

Understand user request with in-depth analysis of semantics and syntax.

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