Crowlingo - Monitoring platform powered by Deep NLP

Crowlingo provides an automated monitoring platform powered by AI to get real-time insights in 100+ languages

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Automated media monitoring platform powered by AI to:

Powered by Crowlingo Deep Learning NLP technologies​


Analyze how a subject or an entity is perceived around the world from all types of flows


Get 24/7 Early Signals & Real-Time Alerts about impactful events all over the world


Never miss a mention with comprehensive and fully multilingual coverage​ (100+ languages)

Widen your possibilities to use data that were unusable before​​

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Product Key Features

Every services analyze data regardless of the language

Monitoring platform

Get insights from social networks, blogs, video, review

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Worldwide content
  • Customizable Channels & Analysis
Deep Learning NLP

Powerful NLP tools for 100+ languages

  • Classification AI models
  • Insights extraction
  • Semantic-based & multilingual search engine

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Analyze Text at Scale with Ease

The AI-based platform that analyzes social networks and online press in 100+ languages to monitor your brand's reputation in real time

Sentiment Analysis​

Automatically get insights of how people feel about your brand or your products!

Get the most out of Crowlingo's deep learning technologies to detect the sentiment or the hatefulness related to what you want to monitor

Statistics Overview

Easily observe the reach of social media over time

Get access to a dashboard that enables your team to get a more in-depth view of the data

100+ languages

Unified process, same work for any language

Gather and analyze the data you want, with no language limitations!

Automatic Alerting​ & Reporting

Receive real-time alerts to act fast on ongoing events

Create reports in one-click to share with your team

Built for developers by developers

With our documentation and SDKs, you’ll be up and running with our API in minutes.

from PyCrowlingo import Client

client = Client('[YOUR_TOKEN]')
text = '[YOUR_TEXT]'
model_id = '[MODEL_ID]'
response = client.concepts.extract(text=text, model_id=model_id)

  •    10k results per month

  •    1 keyword

  •    Super-competitive pricing

Use Cases​


Support Automation

Resolve incidents faster by automating essential support ticket management tasks including tickets allocation and routing.

Go beyond your frontiers and search for same issues that happened in other languages​.


Media Monitoring

Automatically gather multilingual information from any sources around the world according to their topics and similarities.

Detect emerging events and identify their locations.


Universal Chatbot

Create or upgrade your chatbot to manage 100+ languages automatically​.

Understand user request with in-depth analysis of semantics and syntax.

PyCrowlingo provides packages to easily integrate on Rasa.

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