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Crowlingo provides NLP services to find insights and relationships in text of 100+ different languages.

Concept Linking
Extract concepts mentioned in your text. Each one of them is linked to a knowledge base. ​Customize your model and link your entities to new concepts
Text Examples

Where to buy an electric vehicle in Marseille?

Où acheter un véhicule électrique à Marseille ?


¿Dónde comprar un vehículo eléctrico en Marsella?

Concepts identified:
Electric vehicle MarseilleGPE
Intent Classification
Understand the intentions behind customer queries, emails, chat conversations, social media comments, and more, to automate processes, and get insights from customer interactions.​
Text Examples

Is it recommended to use MongoDb to index documents?​

Wird empfohlen, MongoDb zum Indizieren von Dokumenten zu verwenden?​​​

Est-il recommandé d'utiliser MongoDb pour indexer mes documents ?​

Intent identified:
Software Recommendation
Key Phrases Extraction
Extract key phrases from text for easy understanding and processing of a text.
Text Example

¿Necesito acceso a Internet para usar las API de Crowlingo?

Key Phrases Found:
Internet API acceso Crowlingo
Q&A Automation
NLP in combination with your historical FAQ data allows bots to understand and answer sophisticated requests from your users.​
Text Examples

Can I unregister as I am not in charge of class anymore ?​

Могу ли я отписаться, потому что я больше не отвечаю за обучение?​​​

Kann ich mich abmelden, da ich nicht mehr für den Unterricht verantwortlich bin?​​

Similar issue found:
I'm no longer in charge of class, so I want to unregister.

Artificial Intelligence Services that you can leverage to :​


Understand text meaning with in-depth analysis of semantics and syntax


Unify your text analysis processes with one universal solution


Create or upgrade your system to handle 100+ languages automatically​

Widen your possibilities to use data that were unusable before​​

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Product Key Features

Every services analyze data regardless of the language


Customized Text Analysis

  • Concept Linking​
  • Entities Extraction
  • Syntax Analysis
  • Summarize

Build Custom Classifiers

  • Intent Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Build Custom Models

Get a Polyglot Search Engine

  • Phrase Matcher
  • Rule-Based Matching​
  • Texts Similarities​
  • Q&A Automation​

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Analyze Text at Scale with Ease

We make it easy to parse, analyze, and extract structured data from human-generated text and content in over 100 languages

100+ languages

Unified process, same work for any language.

Started from one language, your system will learn to manage all the others.

Trainable models​

Train your models on your own dataset and knowledge base​.

Models will be trained in our cloud.

NLP as a Service​

State-of-the-art models

Scalable infrastructure, ready for production.

Easily Accessible


Built-in open source SDKs

Packages to easily integrate on Rasa

Built for developers by developers

With our documentation and SDKs, you’ll be up and running with our API in minutes.

from PyCrowlingo import Client

client = Client('[YOUR_TOKEN]')
text = '[YOUR_TEXT]'
model_id = '[MODEL_ID]'
response = client.concepts.extract(text=text, model_id=model_id)

PyCrowlingo: Python SDK for Crowlingo APIs

Use Cases​


Support Automation

Resolve incidents faster by automating essential support ticket management tasks including tickets allocation and routing.

Go beyond your frontiers and search for same issues that happened in other languages​.


Media Monitoring

Automatically gather multilingual information from any sources around the world according to their topics and similarities.

Detect emerging events and identify their locations.


Universal Chatbot

Create or upgrade your chatbot to manage 100+ languages automatically​.

Understand user request with in-depth analysis of semantics and syntax.

PyCrowlingo provides packages to easily integrate on Rasa.

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